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Hi, I'm Jane
I have always been an animal lover and always had a variety of pets in my home from when I was a child. I live with my daughter Selina who helps with dog walking, I also have a son    ( not living with me) and both my children have grown up following my love of animals and because of this we have over time kept the following :Dogs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, rabbits, finches, Lizards, snakes, tropical fish and baby herman tortoises.· My son also has two cats and 15 snakes.     
I also have over 40 years experience of keeping dogs, both pedigree and rescue cross-breed dogs so am used to many different shapes and sizes.         
I have a Certificate in Canine Care and nutrition including Animal First Aid, Certificate in Canine Behaviour and also NCFE Diploma in Canine Care and Behaviour. 
I am registered with Mole Valley District Council for home boarding and have 
Business insurance covering 5 million third party liability.

Certificate in Canine Care
Certificate in Canine Care
Certificate in Canine Care and Behaviour
Certificate in Canine Care and Behaviour
Diploma in Canine Care and Behaviour
Diploma in Canine Care and Behaviour
I try to make booking with Happy Pets Holidays that little bit different from other boarding services by adding little extras such as regular texts and/ or emails to let you know your dog is ok, photos of your dogs stay and discounts listed below. And of course we don't forget the dogs, at the end of their holiday they will also get something to take home too!
And so Happy Pets Holidays continues what I have been doing for years - loving and caring for pets, both my own and all my 'guests' who come to stay.

"Our puppy Mili loves going to stay with Jane whenever we are away from 2 nights to 2 weeks she always has a wonderful time. When we arrive at her house Mili can't wait to race inside to say hello to Jane and play with her dogs and especially loves to play with Daisy. We would recommend Jane to anyone who wants to give their dog/puppy a happy and fun holiday in a loving and caring environment whilst enjoying your own holiday knowing that you have nothing to worry about." from Rhian.

A few requests about booking with Happy Pets Holidays

All dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations, flea treatment and worming. A current vaccination certificate/book will need to be shown before I accept any dog to stay.

Lungworm (Angiostrongylus vasorumis carried by slugs and snails. This is now an epidemic again in this country please make sure your dog is protected against this disease. If left untreated lungworm can be fatal.
Normal wormers such as Drontal, DO NOT get rid of or prevent lungworm.  Panacur is one of the best preventative treatments available.

Kennel Cough
Due to dogs being kept in  family home which is clean and warm, Kennel Cough vaccine is not needed.

I do not provide food as any sudden change in your dogs diet will induce an upset tummy which is not nice for them or me. We also do not have the room or resources to buy lots of different brands of food to suit every dog. Therefore I ask you to bring the food your dog normally has at home.  I do have a good supply of various treats to offer your dog during their stay but if you wish to bring your own you are welcome.

Dog ID Tags
Under the 'Control of Dogs Order 1992' It is the law that all dogs should wear an ID tag with their owners name and address on it and phone number if possible. You can be fined up to £5000 for failing to comply with this law.
Apart from your own ID tag, Happy Pets Holidays will attach our own ID tag to your dogs collar with our contact details during your dogs stay.

It is law that all dogs are micro chipped. Providing your dog's number would aid a quicker recovery if the dog should run off or get lost.. Remember to keep your dog identichip details updated especially if you move or change phone numbers as without this the chip is useless.

Smelly Dogs
I sometimes get dogs coming to stay that are really smelly, often that "wet dog" smell where they have been out in the rain and then not dried properly so not only does the dog really smell but the collar and lead and even bedding too. This is my family home and dogs do come in my living room, on sofas and in my own dogs beds. Its really not nice if they are smelly, so please can you ensure your dog is bathed and sweet smelling before coming to stay.

Collars and Leads
PLEASE ensure your dogs collar fits properly. The correct tightness is to be able to fit 3 fingers under the collar lying flat or 2 fingers held underneath sideways on.
I do not use extender leads on every day walks unless going into the woods/fields if your dog cannot be let off lead. On a general walk we prefer to use a normal lead which provides more control over the dog. If you do not have a normal lead I do have a few spare ones which can be used.

Again please ensure your lead is fit for use. I have seen so many that are frayed to the point of almost snapping and leads that have come apart and been tied together. Leads are not expensive but could save your dogs life.

You are welcome to bring a couple of your dog's own toys if you wish but you must be aware that if dogs play together with toys they may get destroyed so please don't bring anything of any value. I do have a good selection of various toys for all dogs to play with.

  • A non-refundable* deposit of 50% of the total holiday cost is payable upon booking your dog holiday to secure your dates.
  • Full Terms & conditions and details of my cancellation policy will be in your contract when booking your pet holiday. 

Fees are charged per day inclusive of the day the dog arrives NOT per 24hr. There will be no charge for the last day If collected before 9am, thereafter a part day charge will apply.   
Boarding Rates  
Adult dog -£30
2 dogs in same family-£45
Puppy (under 6 months) £35.

Day Care - £20 (up to 8 hours)

Elderly/frail dogs over 12yrs will be charged at a reduced rate, if no walk is needed.
Easter, Christmas and New Year are charged at double rates.
Last minute boarding (less then 2 weeks notice) will need to be paid in full at the time of booking.

Any Questions about boarding?         
If you have questions about bringing your dog to stay at Happy Pets Holidays or availability, please call, email or complete this form and I will get back to you ASAP.or call me on: 07584 026549

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